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Menus | Lunch & Dinner

Simple Salad, organic baby heads of mixed lettuce, extra virgin olive oil, sherry gastrique 5.00

Warm Brussels Salad, roasted Brussels sprouts, Comice pears, frisée, fried Brussels sprouts leaves, bacon-lentil vinaigrette  10.00

Roasted Cauliflower Salad,  Haystack goat cheese, poblano and jalapeño marmalade, scallions, tempura crunchies  7.50

Fried Cheddar Curds, Buffalo ranch  8.00

Itsy Bitsy Fishwich, tempura halibut, potato bun, jalapeño aioli, cilantro, carrot, avocado  6.00



Chicken and Waffles, chicken schnitzel, sourdough waffle, pure maple syrup, salty walnuts  13.50

Calamari a la Chorizo, pumpkin seed chorizo, fried calamari , grilled calamari salad, mint, almonds, blistered shishitos, harissa aioli  17.00

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich, grilled jalapeño cheddar bread, aioli, apple cabbage caraway slaw,  10.00

Bison Tongue Stroganoff, lemon parsley gnocchi, pickled pearl onions, fried mushrooms, herbs  16.50

Pork Belly Ramen,  pork belly, celery root noodles, rice noodles, pork broth, pickled beech mushrooms, napa cabbage, shallots, egg yolk*, micro cilantro  17.00

 Pork Schnitzel, crispy pork loin, warm German potato "fry" salad, parsley, lemon  11.00

Brat Burger, bretzel bun, slaw, 10,000 island dressing, Jarlsberg cheese 10.00

Steak & Doughnuts, USDAPrime tri-tip steak, celery root cake doughnut, celery salt, porter demi   16.00


our tributes to the Canadian classic – loosely adapted. Kennebec fries loaded up these ways:

Carnitas Papas Fritastomatillo green chile, cheddar curds and goat cheese, cilantro, chile lime fries  12.50

Duck Poutine,  duck confit, cheddar curds, black pepper duck gravy  13.50

Fowl Play,  duck poutine, sunny side up chicken egg*, ounce of foie gras  add 9.00


Warm Chocolate Chip Blondie, stout caramel, Bailey's ice cream, candied walnuts  5.50