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Menus | Lunch & Dinner

Simple Salad, organic baby heads of mixed lettuce, extra virgin olive oil, sherry gastrique 5.00

Asparagus & Spring Garlic Gribiche, grilled asparagus, Spring garlic, caper tarragon vinaigrette, bresaola, sunny side up egg* 8.00

Roasted Caulifower Salad, Haystack goat cheese, shishito pepper marmalade, scallions, tempura crunchies  7.50

Itsy Bitsy Fishwich, tempura cod, potato bun, jalapeño aioli, cilantro, carrot, avocado  6.00

Daily Artisanal Cheese Selection, MP by the ounce - ask your server for a suggested beer pairing


Chicken and Waffles, crispy chicken mousseline and confit "nuggets", sourdough waffle, black pepper Béchamel, maple gastrique  14.50

Oyster Po'Boy, potato bread, bacon aioli, Jorel’s hot sauce, cucumber, red onion 11.50

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich, double decker, double wide, dill rye, aioli, apple cabbage caraway slaw 9.50

Manila Clam & Merguez Caldo Verde,  braised kale, fried garlic, grape tomato, olive oil crostini, smoked malt and rye brodo  13.00

Colorado Lamb Parts & Pieces, bangers and mash, braised neck, grilled leg, coriander scented belly, caramelized onion glace d'agneau, veg  18.00

Hog Chop, ginger+whiskey lacquered swine, Spring onion stuffin' muffin, carrot variations, Thai basil  22.00

Brat Burger, bretzel bun, slaw, 10,000 island dressing, Jarlsberg cheese 9.50

Steak n'Sauce, steak d’jour, black garlic A2 (it’s like A1 but twice as good), butter, parsley  MP

Upgrade any sausage to a Currywurst and we’ll add Ginger Apricot Tomato sauce and a toasted Bretzel for 3.00 additional


our tributes to the Canadian classic – loosely adapted  

Carnitas Papas Fritastomatillo green chile, cheddar curds and goat cheese, cilantro, chile lime fries  12.50

Hash Fries,  house corned beef, braised cabbage, Jarlsberg hollandaise, black pepper and coriander fries  14.50